06 June 2011

Catch Up

Why is it that weekends always fly by so fast? If someone knows the answer to this mystery, please inform me. I think it would be quite helpful.

This weekend started off with an in-service training for me at the pool--yipee! It was probably the first and last time I will get paid to be at the outdoor pool this summer, somehow all of my shifts are at the indoor Provo Rec Center :( Oh well. Less skin cancer is a good thing I suppose. After showing off my skillz (including butterfly, which I miraculously was able to do across the pool. Go me!), Devynne and I headed to the Provo Farmers Market. Sadly we missed out of the delicious produce they usually offer because we were a little late, but I got my Asiago Cheese bread from my favorite bread guy, Devynne got a ridiculously delicious and expensive limeade, and we enjoyed listening to all of the bustle of all the (few) liberal people in Utah County. Fortunately our Bountiful Basket this week ROCKED so there wasn't any produce I felt like I was missing out on!

Then we went down to Springville to help babysit for my aunt & uncle and their six kids--always an adventure :) Afterwards was homework time (borrrring) and then Owen convinced me to go see Rango at the $ theater.

Overall, it was fairly good. It definitely was a very beautiful movie, all of the different textures and style details were quite impressive. It was funny, but I probably would have loved it a lot more if I knew anything about other Western movies. Probably the most funny part of the whole evening was me trying to sneak 4 boxes candy from Shopko in by shoving it in my leggings...Quite entertaining.

Today so far has been equally interesting. We woke up at 5:45 this morning after I couldn't sleep a wink and got ready to head to the DMV in Orem. Oh DMVs, such lovely places. We rushed the doors at 7:00 on the dot and I was first in line! Yay for being first and for having an appointment! Somehow we had managed to bring all of the appropriate documentation (though I admit we did bring my file cabinet in the car, just in case) and I took the silly, unnecessary test and now I am licensed to drive in the state of Utah! WOO! Now I have full authority to drive as crazy as I want...just kidding.

Then we rushed from the DMV to the Rec Center where I started teaching lessons this morning at 8:30. Lessons at that pool are only 27 minutes long, so they went by fast! Which is good, since the highest level I'm teaching is Level 3 which means that absolutely none of my kids know how to swim yet. Awesome. Better hopes for next session...I'm pretty sure I left with some kid's snot in my hair. Oh swimming lessons.


  1. Oh good you got your license, you won't be stuck in WA

  2. Stuck in Washington is not a bad thing!