03 June 2011


All I wanted was a class like this....

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So last night, I was supposed to teach my very first aqua aerobics class at the Provo Rec Center. I was kind of nervous because I found out on really short notice, but was also excited and felt pretty prepared with my kick-butt lesson plan and awesome aerobic pump-up mix CD. I got there early and got everything set up, and then 8:30 rolled around. No one was there yet! I waited around chatting with the lifeguards for another 15 minutes, and nobody showed up for my class. Boo! I would be really upset except for the fact that it's nothing personal, the pool just has been having really low class numbers lately, and it's not like they even know what an awesome teacher I am yet! (hopefully...)

Anyway, so my first aqua aerobics class teaching experience was a total fail, but hopefully next week some more people (or any) will show up! If you are in the Provo area, come check out aqua aerobics on Thursday nights at 8:30! It's going to rock!

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