09 June 2011

Ze Opera

I stole this picture from the BYUarts email they sent me...

Oh how Devynne and I love Much Ado about Nothing.

And I really only have her to thank for this love--when we watched her copy of the cinematic interpretation of this play, I couldn't get enough of it! I love Beatrice's sassiness, Benedict's pompousness, Claudio's fluffiness and over-reacting, and Don Jon's hilarious role as the villain (especially when played by Keanu Reaves, too funny).

So when we found out that BYU was going to perform Hector Berlioz's BÉATRICE ET BÉNÉDICT we knew we had to go. And it was wonderful! The short quips and over-exaggerations about marriage were almost even funnier when put to music. Our only complaint was that Hero got WAY too much face time and signing time (she's totally not the funny one) and that she kept holding her stomach like she was pregnant, which would have made a definite change to the story line. This play wasn't the entire story, it just focused on the love story between Beatrice and Benedict, but since that's our favorite part of the play anyway, it was just fine for us! The actress who played Beatrice had a pretty good voice though, and the actor for Claudio definitely had his head high enough in the clouds for me. All in all, bravo!

Now I just want to watch that movie again...and watch Phantom of the Opera...at the same time...

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