31 May 2011


We are all moved in to our new place---YAY! We actually moved in on Saturday, two whole days earlier than we were expecting, which was awesome! It was actually a pretty long and exhausting day--we moved the Hoops's out, the Furness's over, and us in and we were moving boxes/furniture until 10:30. Then Owen and I decided that it would be a good idea to build our bed and all of our other furniture that night so who knows what time we actually made it to bed...

But we are all moved in now! And we were able to spend Memorial Day yesterday being very American--we had a flag in our yard, barbecued some hamburgers (+ had corn and watermelon!), and went shopping! Yay!

Our new house is so SUNNY! I looooooove being above ground. It's so wonderful to wake up to sunshine!

Ashley and Jordan (our new neighbors) have been total rockstars as well--they were so helpful when we were all moving and we owe them a ton.

I'm so excited that we are going to have the whole summer in our new home. I promise to post pictures soon--once we get all of those boxes out of our house!

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  1. I wanted to be a rockstar when I grew up! Then I realized I wasn't going to grow up...and that I have minimal musical talent. But it sounds like your neighbors have rockstar qualification on some other scale? They must teach me! Also, if they know how to be a tiger or a fire engine, I'd like to know. Just a few more of my childhood aspirations...