27 May 2011

Time to Get Busy!

from unknown StumbleUpon source, shared with my by Rachel
I am DONE! Yes! Three midterms and 1 CPR re-certification---COMPLETE! And know that I'm more than halfway done with the term, summer just feels so much closer and I can't wait! Now that all of my tests are done I have no more excuses to avoid the fact that we are moving MONDAY so I am going to have to keep things brief here and get packing! I made the kale pasta bake that I pinned the other day for dinner tonight and since it fills up the entire 9x13 pan, I'm kind of counting on it lasting us the whole weekend so I can pack all of our pots and pans!


  1. You guys can have dinner with me one night, I have lots of left over soup

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean about needing to pack dishes. I just grabbed a bunch of microwavable food and threw some pasta into a ziplock baggie in the fridge to last us the week so I could pack my kitchen up today. Moving is an ordeal to say the least.