26 May 2011

Microwave Mysteries

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Microwaves are truly a wonderful thing.

That is, until you heat something up JUST too hot, and then suddenly it burns your mouth, your tastebuds are destroyed, and then it takes forever to cool back down so you stick it in the fridge and then the whole process starts over again.

Since I am a science person, I have decided to approach this conundrum methodically, and through a series of trial-and-error experiments have produced the following results that may be informative for you. Below is a list of carefully calculated and tested perfect heating times for various foods you may be inclined to stick in the microwave:

Time required to heat a cookie to melty-warm-but-not-too-hot perfection: 13 seconds

If above mentioned cookie is quite stale: 15-16 seconds

Time required to heat delicious brownie (assuming brownie is 1/9th of 8x8 pan...): 23 seconds

Time required to make perfect nachos: 51 seconds

(side note: did you know there are RECIPES for making nachos??? Seriously???) 

Time required to reheat 1 cup soup so it doesn't burn your tongue but isn't gross and cold: 2 min 11 seconds

Time required to revive stale licorice (that was stale when I bought it! Lame!!!!): 7 seconds

Time required to revive stale tortilla chips: 30 seconds (unnecessary if you are making nachos)

Time required to heat water to perfect hot chocolate temperature: 1 minute 4 seconds

I am not making this stuff up people--it's science.

And if you didn't think Owen and I were nerdy enough, right now he is listening to different type of bouncy ball sound effects for the game he is making. He says there are not very many options. I think I've heard at least 37 different types of bouncing balls, very intriguing. You should google it sometime.

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