26 May 2011

Guys & Dolls

And finally........what you've all been waiting for....photos from Lyvia's play, Guys and Dolls! I know it may seem a little presumptuous to say that it was her play, but folks, this stunning girl stole the SHOW! Here are a few snapshots I grabbed of the performance for you all to enjoy.

Isn't she the cutest thing? I wish the show was every weekend and we could fly home to see it! It was so much fun. And look at all of those flowers she got--it was insane! She totally deserved it, and I was so grateful for the chance to fly home Mother's Day weekend to spend with my family.

Isn't Quinn so tall? I can't believe it! My bet is that he will be taller than Devynne by next year (sorry sista)!

We just bought our plane tickets last night to go home to Washington after spring term--yay! We were planning to rent a car and drive (we're not quite ready to take the Spectra after our last road trip disaster...) but we were looking at prices, and it was only about $50 more to fly so we're going to try to at least partially preserve our sanity :) I can't wait!


  1. Yes! You pit pictures of my show on! We were all pretty awesome in that show. So much fun!

  2. Aww... Lyvia's so adorable! What a cutie!

    Also Quinn is not a growing boy. I refuse to hear any such thing.