15 April 2011

And the studying begins...

My gamelan concert on Wednesday was fantastic! It was so much fun preparing for the concert with our Balinese guests--they had so much to teach us! Plus their two little sons who they brought were absolutely adorable. I was instantly their favorite after letting them play with the iPad during our practices :) We had a good crowd for our concert, and it was so much fun sharing everything that we had practiced so much. Thank you so much to everyone who came to the concert, for Devynne for recording some of our performances, and for my wonderful husband for helping me do my quick costume change as I zipped from my gamelan concert to my choir concert, and then back. It was a little crazy, but so much fun. I can't wait to play gamelan again in the fall! 

And since I thought our performance was so totally rocking, here are all of the videos we got from the performance. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to let me know what you think of our performance! 

Also, it was totally awesome because our concert made the front page of the Daily Universe! That's right. We're kind of a big deal.  

Kecak Part 1. The Kecak is a "monkey chant" performance common in Bali that is intended to tell stories from the Ramayana to entertain tourists. 

Kecak Part 2. We brought in tons of students from other music classes in order to make the show AWESOME!

Kecak Part 3.

Kecak Part 4.

Baris. This is a warrior dance, and Lasmawan's son did the dance. He was so cute!

Joged. This is sort of a flirty dance where the dancers embarrass people in the crowd by bringing them up to the stage to dance, and if you thought you recognized those moves on the stage, you're right. One of the dancers brought Owen up on the stage to dance. He got the loudest applause. 

Even more Kecak.

My professor explaining what Kecak is.

Double extra brownie points for husband for being such a good sport and bringing me lovely flowers :) 

If you want to check out some more videos (some that are a teensy bit higher quality than Devynne's iPod can produce), be sure to check out our Facebook Page for our gamelan group! There is a pretty awesome one of Owen dancing on there, in addition to our other songs. 

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