15 April 2011

Reading Day

Disclaimer: We never buy junk food, except for Tillamook ice cream. This is a rare occurrence to be blamed on the insane competitiveness of BYU and the craziness of finals.

Boy, Owen and I sure do know how to power study. I forced Owen into taking off work at 1, then we came home and took a nap, then prepared our snack-age and got down to business.

clockwise, starting with the top left: flaming cheetos w/ limon, peanut butter oreo fudge creams, peanut m&ms, nerds jellybeans (best jellybeans EVER invented!!!), and robins eggs
Dinner tonight? Pizza Bites. 

I hope you like my cute lunch trays. They look strangely similar to the ones featured in that article about unhealthy lunches in Chicago...Anyway, you can't really enjoy the cute mint green color that they are thanks to my camera, but oh well. I got them at the Bijou Market, and they rock.

Happy Studying to all! Good luck if you have any finals, and if you don't, pray for me & Owen instead! 



  1. i LOVE those trays! I'm so glad you got them!

  2. Tim and I have the exact same trays. They were a gift when we got married.