12 April 2011


totally bought the pear vanilla jam from this lady, and stole this picture from her site. Delicious!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things have been pretty crrrazzzy around here! This weekend was jam-packed with shopping at the Bijou Market with Ashley and Devynne Saturday morning, then a bridal shower for my freshman year roommate Annie and then birthday party and then Owen catching up on his History of Creativity project that he may or may not have procrastinated. Said project took up much of our Sunday as well, and lucky for him, I like photoshop, so I took over coloring of his comic book while he was home teaching. Who knew making a comic book was so much work?

It is.

Here are some pages from it if you want to checkkk it out....

Anyway, the past couple of days have been spent with fun-filled gamelan practice, I can't believe our concert is tomorrow! It has come so quickly! I hope all of you can make it--it is going to be seriously awesome. And don't forget--tell them you want the "Day of Percussion" discount to get your tickets half price!

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