09 March 2011

You're So Old

A Cute Picture:

Happy Birthday to my NOW-AN-ADULT sista! WOOOO! Even though you are already like halfway done with college and can kick the logic butt of half the people in BYU Law School, I am happy to celebrate you finally turning the big One-Eight! Oh yeah. Now you can vote and buy Nyquil and go to Jump On It without parental consent. All very important things. 

And an Awkward Picture:

Yeah, you knew that one was comin :)

Thanks for getting me addicted to Foodgawker and for sticking with me through wisdom teeth removal and all of the other wonderful things that life has to bring. 



  1. Oh now I'm addicted to foodgawker too! What an awesome site. Happy birthday to your sister :)

  2. Too funny! So...my wisdom teeth pictures...horrible. You look great in yours! I'm not sure if mine will ever see the light of day. I turned into a chipmunk:-) xoxo

  3. Haha thanks, we were pretty lucky! Bags of frozen peas are the key!

  4. wow, cut me right out of the first one right? ha ha ha. love ya!