07 March 2011

A Charmed Life

Isn't that what we all want to live? Well, I recently found something that may be of use...introducing, Matchbook Magazine!

Why is the Matchbook Magazine amazing? Well not only is it a FREE (yeah, free) online magazine, but it also is very inspirational for those of us who could always use a little more classic and chic in our lives.

Who is the Matchbook Girl you may ask?

She is someone who I would like to be someday, and someone who I think I actually could aspire to be. She is real but still a dreamer, and this magazine is based on that idea.

I especially love their "Weekender" layout from this month's issue--

Is that not the most lovely bike you've ever seen? Combined with the adorable bike picnic baskets and my current favorite swimsuit, this magazine caused me to yearn for summer time even more! And since it is an online magazine, you can just click on the image on the page, and it will direct you exactly to the product's website. Genius. 

Though I never will give up the touch and smell and wonderfulness of real magazines. But this will be a good substitute while I am waiting for the mail.

I recommend that you block of a good few hours and peruse this at your will. I admit, the first time I read through it, I mostly just looked at all of the pretty pictures, but that's half of what magazines are for, right?

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