20 March 2011

What a Weekend!

Man, we are exhausted from yesterday! What a weekend. Here's how it went down:

5:45 am- I wake up totally anxious and can't fall back asleep. Decide to start getting ready.
7:00 am- We meet up with my gamelan group in the HFAC and start loading up the instruments. These bad boys are just as heavy as they look, trust me. I was also wearing heels for my presentation, which made things interesting.
7:45 am- The vans are all loaded, so Owen and I head over to the JKB for my research presentation. We drive because we have time and we're lazy and I was wearing heels.
8:00 am- We partake of delicious bagels and BYU chocolate milk. Free meal #1 of the day.
8:25 am- I start freaking out about my presentation. Please please pleeeease don't ask any hard questions. I practice with Owen a question he can ask me if other people start asking really hard ones. He thinks I'm crazy.
8:30 am- My presentation begins. I only say asymmetrical once, catch myself, and then pronounce all of the really long chemical compound names with ease.
8:40 am- Question time. THANKFULLY no one asks me anything about mechanisms, and the questions are actually pretty easy.
8:45 am- We head out and start driving to Riverton High School!
9:15 am- We make it to the high school with plenty of time to spare. I get changed into my uniform, and for some reason don't think to take a picture! Silly silly me. My costume is awesome.
10:00 am- Gamelan concert time! Our concert rocks and all of the percussionists who were there for the Day of Percussion loved it. Here's a little video for you to enjoy (don't mind Owen experimenting with vertical camera angles...):

11:00 am- Concert is over! Sigh of relief. We load up all of the instruments in the most annoying wind ever, and then get to enjoy a free lunch of fabulous sub sandwiches. Free meal #2.
12:00 pm- We decide to stay at the Day of Percussion for a little while and see what else is going on. Learn about jazz improvisation and watch some marimba competitors.
1:00 pm- Head home and then immediately take a nap. Very needed. So glad I decided not to take my test yesterday!
2:00 pm- Study evolutionary biology. Wish I could still be napping.
5:30 pm- Head over to the Hinckley Center to help set up for the Undergraduate Recognition Dinner for the Math Department. The centerpieces were cute little fishbowls with floating gerbera daisies and real fish!
7:00 pm- After all of the guests have arrived, we get to eat too! Sooo good. The lemon cake = heaven. (we might have had some for breakfast today...) Also, free meal #3. Oh the life of a BYU student :)
8:15 pm- BYU Basketball wins! We were keeping track of it on a coworkers phone while everyone else was listening to a super boring math talk. Go Cougars!
9:00 pm- We clean up and head home.
9:45 pm- Psych time. We earned it.

All in all, a very successful weekend. I almost secretly wish I could do it again--I had so much fun at the concert, and all the free meals were pretty awesome too :) And I totally have to give Owen credit. All of our running around yesterday was for crazy activities that I was involved with, and he was so helpful and supportive the whole day. Owen, you're the best.

Better pictures and videos next time, I promise! Does anyone have any tips for taking pictures of people on a lit stage? I was so washed out and white in all of the pictures (you probably can't even see me in them above...) that Owen sort of gave up with the picture taking. Excuse #209 to buy a new camera!!

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  1. those are some pretty sweet outfits.