22 March 2011

Spring Habits

Yay! Spring is finally here! I was just thinking about it today as I stared out the window at work at the snow (yes I live in a bizarro state...) and realized that I might actually get to wear something besides pants pretty soon here. And since I was so excited, I decided to cuff my pants a little bit and show a little ankle. Speaking of which, don't you just love those old navy commercials...not.

Other people look good in them. Source: zimbio.com

Anyway, I can't decide if I can pull off the cuffed pants look yet, and capris are often just weird, and we all know I can't wear shorts higher than the knee, so I am not sure what look will suit me most for this upcoming spring. Perhaps it is time to inest in more skirts :) Those are always good.

But speaking of bare legs, I should probably start shaving more than every two months. Don't judge me.

Once I went a whole month in the summer when I was teaching swim lessons without shaving.

Now you can judge me.

No more tights to cover up those pale things. I should probably also get in the sun more often in hopes of not blinding anyone. And to get more vitamin D.



  1. Yeah, spring except for the snow today!

  2. I have cuffed jeans from last season and I love them. But I look good in flood length pants. Straight capris not so much, but knee length, bermuda type shorts I can also do. Really, it's about what you feel comfortable in. Because if you feel comfortable in them, then you can pull them off. Also, I have an extra pair of AE cuffed ex-boyfriend jeans if you want to give the look a whirl before you commit.

  3. my play director, Ms. Manzo, even though she is like 60, has cuffed her jeans like that before