12 March 2011


necklace: old, shirt: jcpenney, skirt: kohls?, shoes: ross

Yesterday did not really turn out how I expected.

I thought that yesterday was going to be pretty awesome because well, how can a day be bad when you are wearing such a bright, happy color and the weather is so lovely?

Well, sometimes don't turn out how we had hoped.

But it's okay when you have people in your life who are pretty good at making you feel better.

So I guess I should be grateful for those people, and in the big scheme of things, I am pretty lucky to have them.

And it's not like my house got carried away by a tsunami or anything, so I really shouldn't be complaining.

Thank you to my awesome sister Devynne for making me feel less of a failure today. I am really grateful for your advice and loyalty.

And thanks to husband for helping me realize what's most important.

Plus I did get to go to the A Cappella Jam yesterday, which was pretty incredible. One thing that BYU has got going for them--they have people who know how to sing. I had a great time after we moved seats because they people behind us thought it was fun to sing along to all the of the songs super loudly. After that, it was great :)

Plus, I think that this concert made me realized something. I think that I might secretly be a closet Justin Bieber fan. I never thought it would be real, and that this whole Bieber fever thing would just past away, but I secretly want to see Never Say Never. Just don't tell anyone, please.

And since I was feeling a little down, I decided to paint my toenails for spring--

We decided that it is pretty awkward to take pictures of feet when there are other people around. Oh well.


  1. You look amazing! I love that skirt. I hope your weekend is better than your Friday!

  2. Oh thank you! You are so nice! Have a wonderful weekend too :)