15 March 2011

crafty crafty

So my little sister Lyvia looooves wearing cute little flowers in her hair. When Devynne, Owen and I decided that we wanted to send our fam a little package of fun spring things, I knew that I would have to try out this tutorial to make one for her. Turns out it's going to be a while until I pick up a needle and thread again, but it was still fun to give it a try :) 

Here's a close up so you can see the sparkly tulle. What a lovely touch, if only my camera could capture it. 

Also, this is really close up. Sorry about that.

You can wear it in your hair (like Lyvia likes to do)

Or on your dress/shirt like I like to! Mine aren't as big as the lovely Emersonmade, but you know, I'm working my way up. 

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, this week's been ca-razeee (crazy for those of you who don't speak crazy talk). But that's how it is, I guess. Stay tuned for big news and big events coming this week :)


  1. I wore it the other day and of coarse I wore the flower in my hair!

  2. oops... i meant "course"!