29 March 2011

No Life Without Wife

how I feel after paying spring tuition

So our Gmail chat ten minutes ago went a little something like this:

Sent at 12:04 PM on Tuesday
 me:  what should i blog about today?
 Owen:  ME!

Okay Owen, I will blog about you.

 me:  nice try
i am blogging about you
 Owen:  woah
 me:  you told me to
 Sent at 12:18 PM on Tuesday

One of the first pictures of me and Owen. The shark was really scary. 

It is funny thinking about marriage when you live in Provo. 96% of people are so marriage-crazy that once they get to BYU, it is the top number one priority. When I got here, I was in the 4% that wasn't racing to find a spouse. If you would have told me that I would have found my eternal companion and perfect match after one semester here, I would have laughed in your face. Of course, it took us a good year and a half to get everything figured out, which many BYU students think is too long and many non-LDS think is way too short...but I would not have traded that time for the world.

Marriage is important! It is not just important, it is potentially THE most important decision someone can make in their entire life. I don't understand how people can know after only a few short months that the person they are with is the person they want to wake up to every morning, the person who they are going to love even on their worst days, the one who they want to be with all the time no matter what. Now you may scoff at me, for I am still young and naive in marriage, but I cannot wait to experience everything life has to bring with Owen.

I think that one of the most important things to find in a spouse is someone who encourages you to be yourself to your greatest potential. Someone who shares your same dreams and priorities, does not try to change who you are (not superficial things like how to dress or a haircut, but important things), and someone who inspires you to always improve yourself. I love Owen because he doesn't think that I am crazy for wanting to go to pharmacy school or for going to gamelan practice every morning at 7 am. He knows what is important to me, and I want to pursue my dreams because he always supports me.

I love Owen because he makes me feel important.

Even on days when I fail a test or have a terrible day at work, I know that he is always cheering me on.

And for that, I will be forever grateful. Thanks Owen, you rock.


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  1. Well you may not have convinced me to get married, but this post is adorable! So happy you and Owen found each other :) He must be the best, because you deserve it!

    P.S. I need to visit you guys ASAP!