30 March 2011

Summer Dreamin

I cannot believe it...only two more weeks of classes.





Summer time is a good time for me to make goals, since I actually have time in my life to spend doing something besides STUDYING MY BRAINS OUT.

So here are some things I want to accomplish this summer:
  • Barbeque as much as possible
  • Don't sleep in too much--try to save it for Sundays
  • Make macarons

  • Finally get running
  • Volunteer at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
  • Learn how to pipe frosting in that really cute way that they do at cupcake shops. 
  • Help Owen study for the GRE and study for the PCAT and then kick it's bum in August!
  • Hike Mt. Timpanogas
  • Go to Disneyland!

  • Save up enough money to buy a super awesome camera to take to Disneyland
  • Go to Yellowstone 
  • Enjoy the beautiful state parks that Utah has to offer, especially Bryce Canyon, High Uintas, and Zions National Park
  • Make lots of money (that's Owen's job)
  • Complete at least 5 DIY projects
  • READ LOTS OF BOOKS! And more than just Calvin & Hobbes :)
I am taking any good book recommendations, if you have them. 

That's it. Not to much to accomplish in a few short months right?



  1. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Foer is FANTASTIC. I would definitely recommend it.

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