26 March 2011

Life of a Computer Scientist's Wife

I love being married to Owen. Seriously, it is the best and I would never trade it for anything in the whole world. Ever.

But some days are Computer Science Mode Days.

And these are days when he has a big project due and goes on to campus and I don't get to see him all day and I am bored and lonely at home. I know, wah wah me. You would think I would use this time to be productive, but after writing a 10-page research paper, taking a quiz, reading, and getting super frustrated about doing taxes, I couldn't really handle anymore. So now, here I am, sitting in front of our heater on my computer.

Speaking of taxes, I've decided that one day I will force one of my future children to be an accountant so they can do all of my taxes for me.

I've decided that I have wasted a good part of my evening (and week...) browsing the Internet, so I figured that I might as well share some good links with you all to make it worthwhile.

  • This site is always a good place to go whenever I'm feeling particularly whiny. Never fails to cheer me up--AWESOME!
  • Yes this site is a little sketchy, but if you love Who's Line is it Anyway  as much as I do, you won't mind one bit! 
  • So apparently my mom has known about this amazing and wonderful site for years and has never told me. Probably a good thing. I could have wasted so much more time in my younger years...But it is productive as an excellent source of recipes! 
  • Everyone I know has a obsession with all things Anthropologie, which is totally understandable. But who can afford those prices?! This site offers a ton of tutorials on making Anthropologie-knock off necklaces that are adorable and I am totally going to try them out this summer!
  • I forgot how funny this site can be. I linked up to one of my recent favorites, and their commentary on Angry Birds is pretty funny too :) (warning: occasionally some content is not super appropriate)
  • I have been using this website to plan dream vacations a lot frequently...Currently favoring "The Da Vinci Code tour" haha. If only....
  • For his Computers in Society class, Owen had to make a video on a current technology issue. You can check it out here and also laugh at my "intimidating" voice (hint: it's not that intimidating...)
  • Owen thinks I'm crazy, but for some reason, I've really been wanting to get one of these for our bed. Perhaps he's right and it might not fit in our tiny basement apartment...
  • Made these snickerdoodle brownies this week. Seriously good. And they are already gone. 
  • I think that I need to read this article more often. It's so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of everything and to forget enjoying being in the company of the man I love. 
Sorry no pretty pictures today, but I hope you all can find something interesting. Have a fabulous weekend!



  1. and why do you want a mosquito net?

  2. Foodgawker = the best

    I want a mosquito net because it is a cheaper version of a canopy bed! They practically look the same, right? maybe...Perhaps Owen is right...

  3. I think that it is great that you guys do your own taxes ... but if you really want to have someone else do them, I did a season of taxes last year. And would be willing to do yours if you get in an end of semester time crunch.