05 March 2011

head scarf: gift from sister because it is a weird length, earrings: gift from sister, top: downeast
So somehow my husband has this nasty habit of loving his job to death. Usually this is a very good thing, but sometimes it leads to us being 43 minutes late to things. And so I wait for him to get home and am all ready to go...what better to do than take pictures of myself? Okay weird I know, but yesterday I was kind of proud of what was going on with my hair so there you go.

I was reading this post over at What I Wore and immediately got super jealous of her lovely Jamaican vacation and decided that I could pretend like I was on the beach in Jamaica and pulling off the turban trend no problem too. Plus this scarf is like a super awkward length, so I'm always looking for new reasons as to why I shouldn't throw it away.

I was a little worried when husband came into the room after I had tied it, but he immediately said, "Oh! I like it!" I was like, "Really, I thought you might think it was kind of weird." Then he said, "Oh no, don't worry, I like weird things. It looks cool!" How reassuring.



  1. Blair Waldorf much?

  2. (that was a compliment)

  3. Haha thanks, I naturally assume all things Blair-Waldorf related to be a compliment :) Okay. Most things...

  4. yeah, that sister of yours... :)