16 March 2011

Come on Utah

Utah weather always gets the best of me. It is such a trickster.

And for that (combined with my pathetic hopefulness for rain), I always end up looking ridiculous.

More often than not, I am dressed totally wrong for the weather, and multiples times this year (including today) I end up carrying my umbrella around all day for absolutely no reason at all.

Does anyone have tips for learning how to dress in this silly state? Three years later, I still haven't figured it out.

And my rain dance sadly has not been working. I miss you, rain! Please come here to Utah!



  1. We have plenty here. We'd be happy to share!

  2. well we got the rain. on days like these i suggest a outfit that will not make you look like you are ready for winter, and then a simply jacket. that's what i did :)

  3. yeah, i always dress for rain here!