16 February 2011

want vs. must do

What I wanted to do tonight:

What I must do tonight:

No that is not stacks of thousands of lab reports that I have procrastinated grading the whole semester...

Okay maybe it is. 

I guess this is why I could never really become a teacher. The little brain flash was nice while it lasted, but seriously. Grading is a whole lotta work and a whole lotta BORING.

Only three more stacks to go!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm in some serious need of girl time. How about I come over and give you the beauty treatments while you do your lab reports?

  2. Haha that would be awesome! Except unfortunately I did read the 5 life-changing treatments and they are all super expensive things! Like laser hair removal. Lame-o.

    I have actually been wanting to do a girly thing however that Owen won't give into---you should check out these tutorials! I totally want to give it a try!



  3. Hey! My in-laws own a medical spa with Laser hair removal. I can hook you up, man.

  4. also, i would love to try to make those flowers! i love them!

  5. Grading. It's the bane of my existence and I do way, way too much of it as a high school teacher. I'm trying not to think of the stack of papers I left on my desk today...