17 February 2011

out of the loop

necklace: ancient, striped sweater: target, brown sweater: kohls?, jeans: jcpenney's, watch: timex, boots: steve madden, silly band: from Google. that's right. and it was free. 
I promise I was going to try a new and different pose today...I really do. But the sun was setting when we were getting home and I was freaking out and all my new pose business was forgotten. I apologize.


I realized that by being a college student in Utah, there are just a lot of things that I am completely isolated from. In my evolution class, we learned that the human brain is unique amongst other species because we are able to know about events that we did not witness ourselves. I think I am sort of diminishing that skill.

Here is a list of things that I just don't know about that are supposedly a big deal these days:

1. Justin Bieber. Who is this kid and how is every pre-teen girl (and many older....) in love with him? Also what is the deal with him and the color purple? Weird.

2. Youtube videos. Do people seriously have time to watch these all the time? How on earth can those popular videos have so many millions of views? People should go vote instead or read a book or something.

3. The Angry Birds game. Who knew so many people were obsessed with it? Even Owen's dad plays it all the time. I so need a smartphone apparently.

4. The Bachelor. I've heard of the show, but for some reason it seems like this season everyone is watching it and is obsessed! Apparently there was a girl from SLC on it?

5. Jimmer Fredette. JUST KIDDING! Even I know who HE is, despite the fact that I apparently live under a rock. Though I guess you could technically say basement apartments are sort of underground...

6. Any new popular song. I seriously could not name a song that has come out in the past two months to you, much less sing along with the lyrics. I would be so humiliated if I went to a high school dance and everyone else knew the words besides me (amongst other reasons). It's embarrassing, and I blame it all on Pandora Radio/not having television. 

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  1. I don't get the Bieber thing either. He kinda creeps me out actually ... Mainly because I'm pretty sure we have the same hair cut. As for Angry Birds, yeah, that game is awesome.