16 February 2011

reason #209 why it's awesome to be married

shirt: f21, sweater: thrifted, belt: f21, pants: kohls, boots: target
Man, I never realized how lucky I had it having Owen as my photographer! He has to work late tonight, so I decided to try to take pictures on my own with the self-timer. Impossible! For one thing, it takes way longer, and also since it was kind of windy...well...let's just say it was hard to stabilize the camera.

I did manage to snap this beauty:

And I don't mean beauty because I think I'm super pretty or something, but doesn't that picture just scream "I LOVE AMERICA!" to you? I mean, the plaid, the denim, the red & blue, the beautiful mountains, and the American flag inconspicuously in the background to top it off. I'm such a model citizen.

I also hope you are loving the windblown hair. I promise I washed my hair today.  When I'm taking the pictures myself, it means I have way less patience and thus fewer options. At least it shows what I really looked like all day...

Today I am grateful for 50% Valentines candy from the bookstore--it's making grading wayy more tolerable.


  1. Hi Chelsey! Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog :)

    I love this outfit! Really cute. And I literally laughed out loud when I read "Doesn't that picture just scream "I LOVE AMERICA!" Haha. it really does! It's cute though. I've been trying to do pictures on my own lately because hubby has been unavailable. It's tough! So yeah, being married is pretty much awesome! :) Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the remix!


  2. shut up 50% off V day candy? i'm going to the bookstore!
    and i loooove that last picture. you look a-MAZING!

  3. The plaid looks great!

  4. That is a great shot! The warm lighting is perfect on your face. (And you are a beauty!)

  5. The plaid shirt over chambray is such a great combination that I never would have thought of. Great outfit!