12 February 2011

things i've learned this weekend

scarf: gift from sister because it's an awkward length and she didn't know how to wear it, shirt: jcpennys, jeggings: jcpennys, boots: target
1. Never EVER go to Texas Roadhouse on a Friday night at 6:30. Those lines are longer than Disneyland's
2. Speaking of Disneyland, planning for a future trip is addictive and much more interesting than translocation and RNA polymerase.
3. Husband looks funny when he is trying to write a sonnet. Seriously. I wish I could sneak a video of it right now.
4. Cafe Paesan < Cafe Rio. Less wait, cuter restaurant, NOT as delicious of food. The leftovers were still pretty good though.
5. I can survive three midterm and a presentation that's worth the same as a midterm! YEAH!
6. Getting people's addresses for your wedding via Facebook is sort of impersonal.
7. Shawn and Juliet got together in Season 5! And it's awesome! I'm so addicted to that show...
8. Brownies do not get stale as quickly as cookies. Thank goodness.
9. JIMMER IS KING! Also, some BYU student are hilarious.

In case you are wondering, what I really should have posted for today was a picture of me in my pajamas, since that's pretty much how it was all day...but I got dressed just for you, little bloggie.

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