13 February 2011

lion king dress

shirt: kohls?, dress: kohls?, bracelet: target, boots: steve madden

Today's outfit post was a little rough.

We had all of the best intentions when we headed out at 5:15 to catch the perfect light. But we wanted to go fast because I was cooking an artichoke, so we tried to do it in front of our house. First this couple with a baby walked by and gave us weird looks which was not helpful.

Then our mystery neighbor from upstairs walked out the front door. So I ran and hid.

I'm such a sissy!

We haven't met them yet and I'm still totally scared to. Who knows why? Probably because our last neighbors were so... undesirable, and also because I'm pretty sure the girl's mom is living up there with them too which is strange. And because we had a silent show down the other day that was also awkward because one of their visitors was blocking our driveway, so I just waited there with my signal on until they moved so I could park.

I'm probably being ridiculous.

But in any case, not as great of photos, and I apologize. The good news is that dinner was awesome. And artichokes are delicious.


  1. That is awkward. When I take my pictures outside my house I always run back inside if I see my neighbors. It's normal.

    I do like that dress, the colors are great and it's flattering. Everything that iI need.

    Write it in Lipstick

  2. Oh thank you! I'm not sure if you can get away with wearing boots w/ a maxi, but I realized I didn't pick any other shoes for my 30x30!

    And amen for awkward neighbors!