11 February 2011

out west

necklace: old navy, top: f21, skirt: american eagle, shoes: thrifted keds

Today, I have been inspired by the Pioneer Woman. Or at least that is my excuse for totally dressing like a pioneer today.

I put this skirt in my 30 for 30 because I like it a lot and NEVER find a way to wear it! I'm not sure if today's outfit is a keeper, but at least I tried?

Husband is so funny about commenting on what I wear sometimes. He always uses the most interesting comparisons. For example, the other day, he said that my outfit reminded him of a 15th-century swordsman "you know, like the man in the mask in the Princess Bride?" And then today after I put on my red lipstick, he said I looked like Dorothy.

Yeah, the man sure knows how to dole out those compliments.

Happy Friday to all! I hope yours is filled with much less studying than mine!

Today I am grateful that I am half-way done with this torture weekend and that my presentation also KICKED BUTT today! Everyone laughed at our jokes and enjoyed our "transcription factor muffins." Sadly, there were no leftovers. Oh well. 



  1. I like this outfit! it is really cute! isn't that the necklace that owen's g-ma gave you?

  2. I think you look great! I love that top, and really want one just like it but they're a bit harder to find in Australia :(

  3. randomly just found your blog. It is seriously so cute... I love the color palette you used! And your outfit is fantasttttic!!!

  4. thanks! I found the top at forever 21, and I think they have a similar one online--I'm not sure if you can shop on F21's website in Australia though!