25 February 2011

spots & snow

shirt: target, earrings: kohls, necklace: f21, sweater: thrifted, jeggings: jcpenneys, boots: target, umbrella: totes
Sooo....so much for spring time. This was the lovely surprise we woke up to this morning. Winter wonderland, oh yipee. The only awesome part was that I got to use my umbrella, and well, I'm pretty sure it's clear how I feel about that. 

Not that I really know much about it or spent much time on the Internet, but one thing that I did notice and love this year was the fun and bold braids that were popping up everywhere. I'm not a pro at braiding or anything (as my sister Lyvia would attest), but I saw this post and couldn't help giving it a try. Also, I apologize for the snow everywhere--it was seriously crazy this morning!


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  2. Love the hair! Makes me wish mine was longer.

  3. I love your hair it looks sooo good. & your umbrella is super cool!


  4. I want your umbrella, its so cute! Love the plaid sweater. I will covet the braids.