26 February 2011

luckless in provo

umbrella: totes, jacket: dear by amanda bynes, shirt: kohls?, dress: kohls, necklace: no clue, boots: steve madden

I kept putting off taking pictures today, hoping that the snow would stop and all melt magically. No luck. 

Just like the no luck I had with studying histology. Could there be a more boring topic?!

Also like the no luck we had with avoiding awkwardness with neighbors. I knew our neighbors were getting ready to leave the house, so we decided to walk down the street a little bit to shoot. They drove by where we were taking pictures FOUR TIMES--I guess they drive separate cars, and the girl must have forgotten something so she turned around. Our neighbors probably think I am so into myself. Which I'm not. Obviously. 

But not all is so bad. We went to Tucanos for lunch (thank you birthday club!), and now I think I will never have to eat meat again, so that makes dinner easy. Aka no dinner because I am not going to be able to force a piece of food in my mouth for a while. (Also, I apologize if there are still remnants of a food baby....I tried to hide it...)

I've spent a good part of today sitting in front of our heater, pretending that the heat is actually sun rays on the beaches of Maui or something. Well, at least we have a heater. 

And tonight we have big plans to watch Bride & Prejudice, which is about the most hilarious movie on the face of the planet. I can't believe I've actually convinced husband to watch it with me. This is going to be a night to remember. 



  1. That first picture is incredibly pleasing to the eye! & the jacket is really great too--very flattering!

  2. Thank you so much! Shooting in the snow can be a little chilly, but sometimes it works out pretty well!

  3. Whahhh you look adorbs!! And that umbrella is the cutest thing ever!

  4. Yum, food baby from Tucanos. That should be shown proudly.