04 February 2011

shower power

shirt: f21, belt: f21, jeans: kohls, shoes: thrifted Keds, necklace (not that you can see it): lds church 
Yay! We finally got off our lazy bums (okay mostly me) and got around to taking pictures when there was sunshine outside! Not having to use flash is a marvelous thing! I hope you are all enjoying the lovely Utah scenery which is our backyard. This was actually Owen's first time in our backyard seeing as with our previous neighbors, their perrito claimed the whole space as his territory. We always love a good fixer-upper yard! Sadly however, since we were in such a hurry to get outside this morning and get some shots, I did not have time to put in my contacts or do my hair.

So I hope you are all enjoying very much my "straight-out-of-the-shower" hairstyle...

Actually, I didn't blow dry my hair this morning because husband says I am not allowed to blowdry/straighten/curl my hair more than once a week because my hair is so damaged and I get terrible split ends.

Oh, are girls not supposed to admit to stuff like having splits ends? Oops.

All I know is that I super love this shirt and I wish I had taken my glasses off for these silly pictures. But now you get to see Nerd Chelsey. A nice change from Awkward Chelsey, right?

Oh wait...it's still pretty awkward!


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