03 February 2011

the cure

jacket: dear amanda, shirt: target, necklace: target, jeggings: jcpenny, boots: target
I've discovered the cure to looking sick.

Okay maybe this is not a 100% effective thing, but it worked for me today.

Yesterday when I woke up, I basically couldn't breathe out of my nose. I was tired of looking sick today, so I decided to splash on some red lipstick--what a trick! It distracted everyone from my tired-looking self and instead drew their attention elsewhere. I even had a girl who does makeup at Nordstrom compliment me on my makeup today. Hilarious.

I actually really liked this outfit today, but didn't really get a great chance to showcase it. So we decided that we might as well show off our striped green couch instead. Best part of this bad boy (who was so lovingly donated by our sister and brother-in-law)? It weighs like 5 pounds total. That's right. It's basically completely made of foam. Not so much structural support, but definitely easy transport!

Since today's pictures were of such terrible quality, I decided that I might as well make them at least entertaining. A fair trade-off, right?


  1. such cute photos :D
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  2. the lipstick looks awesome on you!! so cute

  3. thanks! So the red did it's trick then? I'm so proud of myself for learning that little secret...

  4. were you really thinking that?