19 February 2011

heartbreakers, lawbreakers

shirt: target, sweater: thrifted, scarf: came as a belt with a pair of pants from kohls, belt: f21, bracelet: target, pants: jcpenneys, boots: steve madden 
Yay! Saturday! AAAaaaaaaannndddd it rained today! Woohoo! I love the rain! I even got to use my umbrella for a little bit which was Awesome! Owen is in CSM right now and is holed up on campus, so my lovely sister was forced into photographing me. Thanks D!

Shhhh don't tell anyone--we took these pictures in my neighbors backyard! I hope that's not like against the law or something...

I would write more, but I got to get back to watching A Very Potter Musical on YouTube. Maybe there is something to be said for these YouTube videos after all....Hope you are all having a lovely three-day weekend and wasting time like should always been done on these sorts of weekends!


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  1. A Very Potter Musical is great. I love the song that Ron and Draco sing about Hermione.