20 February 2011

3 blocks from the mall, we find a surprise

umbrella: isotoner, shirt: f21, skirt: american eagle, coat: f21, tights: target, boots: target

Today's photo shoot was so fun! After church, I just told Owen that we should stop "somewhere between here and picking up Devynne." He turned down this little road because he thought it led somewhere, but we got to this dead end and there was a little horse pasture there! It was awesome! Also it was snowing, so I totally decided that I could use my fabulous and awesome umbrella during the photo session! Owen thought I was being ridiculous, but no one was there except our mister horse friend :)

Oh my gosh Owen! He's coming close to me! (the horse liked me better than owen! shh!)
I admit, that in the past, I have been kind of a scaredy-pants when it comes to horses. I rode one when I was like twelve at a church activity, and I was scared out of my mind! My horse was a little rambunctious, and I definitely did not like feeling like I didn't have any control. But then today at the pasture, I realized that horses were a lot bigger to me when I was twelve, and maybe I should give them another chance...After all, in our dream backyard sketch, Owen did draw a horse stable next to my tennis courts.

Today I am grateful for a sister who hung out with me all day yesterday while Owen was programming away, especially since she let me do her nails. We did this awesome tutorial, and I think they turned out pretty cute :)

sorry, i have weird hands...notice the papercut on my thumb. i have a problem.



  1. just came across your blog and 1. i love your outfit. 2 i love the nails 3. you're gorgeous! xoxo

  2. Could your umbrella be any cuter?! Hello fellow remixer! So nice to meet you! And sadly, no, my friend gifted me with that f21 jacket a few months ago, and I'm not sure when she actually bought it. Thanks for saying hi!

  3. I LOVE YOUR UMBRELLA! Oh my gosh, now I need to hunt one down. Your nails look awesome too, really clever! I horseback ride and I definitely say you should give them another chance. They're really not so bad. Just start slow! :)