15 February 2011

the key to my heart...

necklace: free from goldsmith jewelers, top: jcpenneys, sweater: thrifted, coat: thrifted, jeggings: jcpenneys, shoes: jcpenneys
...just may be food.

Blame it on the fact that my dad was a chef, or whatever else you may like (including the fact that I had Cafe Rio for dinner tonight and heavenly food is just on the mind), but there are few things that are more satisfying than a delicious meal.

Which can be made even more delicious if prepared by someone else and/or if there are no dishes involved.

Which is why after our Valentines-Night-In dinner of crepes with Nutella, we left our dishes on the coffee table, and is why they are still there now. What a happy holiday.

I think another key to my heart may be finding a good deal. Does that make sense? Probably not. But for me and Owen, one of our favorite dates is to just go out and go thrifting. We both love shopping, it's really terrible. But when I score awesome deals like this coat for $11 and sweater for $4, I'd say there's nothing better.


  1. I too love thrifting but Freddie, does not. So I'm thinking that you and I need to have a girls night out to do a little heart to heart bargain shopping.

  2. We had crepes for Valentine's Day, too. Very yummy!