27 February 2011

it's bun-derful

sunglasses: f21, shirt: jcpenneys, scarf: kohls (it was $2--awesome!), skirt: target or wal-mart or something, belt: f21, tights: f21 & target, shoes: charlotte russe, bag: mulberry for target

Husband spent a good part of the day trying to compliment my hair in a unique and funny way, and "It's bun-derful" was the one he came up with five minutes ago. 

I'm like so proud of myself for being so smart today. {Husband edit: I promise she's not really this cocky at home--maybe it's that bun or something} I wanted to wear my red tights because I think they are fun and there is a little bit of red in this scarf, but I didn't want them to be too bright, plus they are annoying because they are thigh-highs and they fall down all the time. SOOO I put a pair of sheer black tights over them. All problems solved! Maybe I am getting smarter at college after all.



  1. This weekend I have gone through and read every one of your posts. They are addicting! What a fabulous life you have! God Bless!

  2. Thank you! I actually am pretty sad that this 30 for 30 thing is wrapping up soon here--only two more outfits!

  3. that is quite the bun. i usually just do a quick messy bun. that is something else. like ballerina-ish