28 February 2011

an unbeliever

hat: qualtrics, scarf: disneyland!!!, shirt: f21, pants: kohls, belt: f21, shoes: thrifted keds

Things I don't believe are real:

1. Mincemeat pie. Has anybody actually ever eaten this before? It sounds so weird.

2. Baby yoga. I taught babies how to "swim" and even that was a little far-reaching for me despite the whole babies-are-natural-swimmers-since-they-swam-in-the-womb-thing.

3. BYU is rated #3 on ESPN Men's Basketball. This is incredible.

4. The awesome long-lasting nature of this nail polish that I bought for 97 cents at Walmart. I even cleaned our bathroom and I only have three tiny chips even though I painted them like four days ago.

5. Global warming.

Just kidding.

I'm only trying to be controversial.

6. The fact that I won $25 to Smashion.com from Clothed Much. Thanks Elaine! You rock! And your outfits are pretty awesome too.

I also can't believe that this 30 for 30 is almost over! Only two more days, only two more outfits. I think I have forgotten how to blog about anything besides what I am wearing. I better start doing some interesting things with my life so I can blog about it. Any ideas of what to do here in boring ol' Provo when the weather refuses to reach 50 degrees. And no, skiing is not an option due to my lack of money and lack of foot-eye coordination (that sounds so much better with hand-eye coordination, but how else are you supposed to describe it?)


  1. You are gorgeous!!! I love this outfit! Cuteness!!!