22 February 2011

things to not do while wearing heels

top: kohls, blazer: thrifted, jeans: kohls, heels: charlotte russe
Reasons why this outfit was completely inappropriate for today:

1. Owen and I baby-sat a 2-year-old and infant today for a couple of hours.

2. I then went to the hospital where I really want to get a shadowing position, and hopefully they didn't think I was crazy.

3. I also had research today in an organic chemistry lab.

4. Which was all the way across campus from where I work and I had to walk there quickly. And then turned right back around because the chemicals I needed haven't arrived yet :(

Ohhhh the things we do for "fashion," right?

Remind me if I ever do this 30 for 30 thing again to put in MORE PRACTICAL black heels. Oh well. Only 8 more outfits left! I cannot believe the end is so near!



  1. oh.my.GOSH. that shirt is awesome! i am a super sucker for those tie-front blouses, and leopard print. SO CUTE! :D

  2. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog!!! You look amazing in this outfit, how's your 30x30 going?

    Sparrow & Urchin

  3. I think you look fantastic! Those heels may not be practical but they're sassy and make the outfit. And I agree, I can't believe we're down to the last week of outfits!

  4. This outfit is fab! So simple, classic and yet totally fun! OXO

  5. Thanks everyone! Only six more outfits-yay! And I don't think these heels will be coming back any sooner than Sunday...I'm still recovering!