01 February 2011

beginner's non-luck

boots: target, pants: kohls, shirt: f21, blazer: thrifted

Okay, this being our first photo shoot experience--I have only one word to say: hilarious.

We zipped home after my class around 5:40 and were so excited because there was still probably enough sunlight left outside to shoot without the flash.

We went inside for literally ten seconds, and then it was dark outside. Awesome.

We decided to take some shots anyway. Me being the dummy I am forgot to charge the camera battery, so it died after three shots.

So here are those three shots we got of today's outfit. In all of their flash-marred, super grainy, head-chopped-off, and oh-SO-awkward glory. Also, can you tell how much we were totally freezing to death out there? Thanks for nothing windchill. I keep hinting towards Owen that a new camera would be a splendid Valentine's gift (seeing as mine is technically broken and we're snagging my sister's for the time being) but he says that the one I want is out of our $10 Valentine's Day budget. Oh yeah. 

Every time I walked by a window on campus today and caught a glance of my reflection, I was like Whoa--yellow! They were pretty much a last-minute decision sort of buy; I didn't even try them on before we bought them, and lucky enough they fit! And even though they also kind of scream Whoa--thighs! I like them. And thus they will stay in my closet. 

Better luck tomorrow!

Today I am grateful that it is finally February! Rejoice!



  1. So wishing I could pull off those pants. They bring just the right amount of sunshine to this never ending winter we are experiencing. Also, I'm so looking forward to your daily fashion posts and I hope to see a few of the outfits in person. You've both inspired me and shamed me (currently wearing sweats and hoodie for the 3rd day in a row).

  2. Oh don't worry--I normally change into either sweats and/or bathrobe right away once I am home!


  4. Your outfit is really cute. Believe it or not I like the color of the pants!

  5. Those yellow pants are awesome. I keep seeing colored pants everywhere. Guess I am going to have to get a pair when this challenge is all over. You wear the yellow well.