02 February 2011

this is harder than it looks!

hat: target, shirt: target, sweater: gifted, pants: jcpenny?, boots: steve madden

Seriously! Who knew this outfit posting business was so rough?! Today we tried to take pictures in the morning but it was literally three degrees outside and we were SO cold, and then we tried to take them after work, but Owen ended up having to stay later than the sun wanted to last. So we took them inside the trophy room area at Legends because Devynne was nice enough to take us to dinner there (more on that later!)

Some of you make snicker at my furry chapeau--but let me tell you. This baby got the job done. My ears were totally warm all day long despite the menacing weather. Now I just need to figure out some sort of face mask to get all of myself covered, and I might just be able to survive Utah for a little while longer...

Also, I totally got a sweet deal (like 52% off!) on gift certificates to The Quarry (thanks for the tip Emily!) I've never been rock climbing before, and I know it's not real rock climbing, but I am still totally excited! Find some awesome deals for yourself at this link 


  1. i love the furry! and way to mix the plaid; i'm really digging your whole look here. and warm to boot? win-win!
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (fellow remixer)

  2. New reader over here! Loved your outfit, fury hat makes you so cute! I'll definitely follow!
    Good luck on 30 for 30 challenge, can't wait to see more of you dear!


  3. yay I got a shout out on Chelsey's blog! I feel famous! :) I'm loving the Y in the background of the photos. Way to represent!

  4. You'll get the hang of it! Before long it will be second-nature, and even passerby won't phase you ;) You're too adorable, by the way!

  5. I hear ya on the difficulty of outfit posting! And we haven't even tried going outside!

    Let's pray it warms up real quick.