31 January 2011

drumroll please....

Here they are, my 30 items for the next 30 days! I hope that these 30 items will open a whole new world of remixing possibility, and that I will be able to learn a thing or two! At this point [shh...don't tell anyone], I actually don't think that it is going to be too bad. We'll see if I can convince the husband to take a few shots here and there to see some of the combinations I can come up with! 

Today, I am grateful that it was so sunny and bright when I woke up this morning! Come on Spring!



  1. oh boy... i see future fashion disaster. lol. but really, are those yellow pants?

  2. wahoo! so excited about this. i did not register. i know i know. also, i may accept your swim teaching, however embarrassed i may be. :) you're a great friend.

    tonight jordan said, "we should go bowling with the hancocks". fyi

  3. Go Chelsey! I'm excited to see what you come up with -- I had the urge the other day to do some major clothes shopping, but maybe I'll do this instead :)