28 January 2011


we need another vacation like this p

And as we all know, Fridays are for wearing yoga pants for the last time before 30 for 30, not actually being productive, date night, and dream vacation planning.

So that is what I will do, seeing as I am somehow under the impression that we will soon fall into a great inheritance of money. Please don't ruin my dream.

Maybe part of my secret joy is from founding out that I was awarded one of these yesterday :)

Dream Destination #1: Bali

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The more I hear about this island, the more obsessed I become. For those of you who may not know anything about Bali (though how that is impossible when you spend more than five minutes with me, I am not sure), it is an island located in Indonesia. My ethnomusicology professor is even more obsessed with the nation than I am, and he says that it is basically "the Hawaii of the Asian world." 

Plus when I go (haha when...), I can totally play music with the locals. I'm sure they would make fun of my amateur skills, but apparently they are super fantastic teachers, and there is nothing I would love more.

Dream Destination #2: Sydney, Australia

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There is just something about Sydney that always has been such a beautiful dream to me. Maybe it is the chilled-out atmosphere that I associate with Australia for some reason combined with the cosmopolitan appeal of one of the most iconic cities. Whatever it is, I need to be there one day. 

Dream Destination #3: Europe. All of It.

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I want to travel Europe, but not until I can spend like at least three weeks, probably a month there. If we are going to fly ourselves all the way across the Atlantic, I want to have enough time to immerse myself in all of the rich cultural history and to see EVERYTHING. Venice, Rome, Naples, Paris, London, Athens, anywhere in Switzerland and Wales, and everything else. In Owen's History of Creativity class, his professor mentions at least twice a class period a place where you HAVE to stop when you travel to Europe, and gives all of the dirty details on how to do it best. I have no idea how Owen hasn't bought plane tickets to the Heathrow Airport yet. I could hardly take it after only sitting in for one class period! 

Hope you all have a lovely Friday and can dream up your own vacations!


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