30 January 2011

Provo Pizza Four

Provo Pizza #4: Pirate Island
Located: 959 South 700 Orem, UT 84097
Overall Rating: 1.3/5

For our fourth pizza adventure in this lovely town of Provo, we were invite by some friends to try out Pirate Island right behind University Mall. When Owen told one of his co-workers that he was going there, his co-worker said he had a friend who said that the place "smelled and tasted like vomit."

Needless to say, we were a little apprehensive.

Since there were quite a few of us in the group, we decided that we probably should tackle the Kraken--a 24 inch pizza. Actually, we decided to get two Krakens, and let me tell you how ridiculous I felt placing our order...

It was huge. As you can see, compared to Owen. I was kind of disappointed because the pizza was cut into squares instead of gigantic triangle slices, and for some reason, pizza just tastes better in slices. But that wasn't the worst of it. Let me simply allow the next photo to illustrate the biggest problem with the order...

Let's just say that it is clear that one would not attend Pirate Island to enjoy a culinary experience. The crust was tasteless and burnt, the toppings were nondescript and kind of spongy (sausage...weird), and there was enough grease to clog at least four arteries. I would only recommend this restaurant who has a dream of living a pirate lifestyle. I have a personal vendetta against the whole pirate thing anyway--why would we encourage children to celebrate and imitate their pillaging and immoral lifestyle? In any case, the pizza isn't worth it, the decor was kind of fun but The Mayan totally kicks it's bum for a themed restaurant, the arcade is way more pricey than NickelCity, and in some places, it did sort of smell like children's...well...you know. Especially by the waterfall. 

We didn't volunteer to take the leftovers home. At least our company was very enjoyable :) 


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