03 January 2011

Some 2010 Favorites

2010 was definitely a crazy year with plenty of ups and downs. But before we get too far into 2011, I want to take a moment and review some favorites from 2010...so here they are!

Favorite Addition to Closet: JEGGINGS!

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I didn't really understand what all the rage was about, and I admit that I thought it was a little bizarre that people thought they could get away with wearing leggings everyday and pretending that they were jeans...and then I tried on a pair of a.n.a. Butter Denim Leggings, and I fell in love. I never want to take them off. I have now become the owner of all three colors of these babies and wish that I could wear them every day. Maybe no one will notice...

Favorite TV Show Addiction: Psych

We literally cannot get enough of this show. We have now gone through Seasons 1-4 completely, and are trying to wait patiently until Season 5 is available....I'm not sure how much longer we will make it. And we also are totally stoked that BYU WON THE CAMPUS WARS! Whaaaat?

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Favorite Random Song Discovery: Everybody Needs a Robot

Favorite Read: The Lost Hero

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We already know that I am a huge fan of juvenile novels (sorry, they are just way more fun and interesting!) and the Percy Jackson books definitely are becoming a huge rival of Harry Potter. Combining my love of Greek & Roman mythology with super fun characters and story lines has led to my sort-of obsession with these books. Which explains why I was totally devastated when the series ended with The Last Olympian. Riordan wrote another book based on Egyptian mythology called The Red Pyramid, but it just didn't have the same feel and wasn't as interesting. But then for Christmas, Devynne received The Lost Hero, and my obsession has returned. This is a new series, but it has some of the same old characters and places, with three new awesome main characters. I love it. I was so sad when I got to the ending because I knew it was almost over, and that I would have to wait forever (until Fall 2011) until the next one comes out. But I enjoyed this one so much that it pretty much makes up for it. It was so good.

Favorite Silly Trend: SillyBandz

Yeah I bought Disney ones. No big deal. I just need to wear them more often because they are so dang cute. I always remember to wear the Belle one on tests though for good luck!

Favorite Technology Addition to the Home: iPad

Yeah, yeah, they are pretty cool. I think I have some sort of bizarre aversion to technology because I don't want to become too dependent or addicted to a device that will probably just break, but I have to admit. The iPad is cooler than I give it credit for. Hopefully in the next year, I will be able to appreciate it more and make better use of this pretty sweet gift from Owen's super awesome job. Thank you Qualtrics! I'm even considering buying the Psych iPad cover....
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Favorite Day: August 13, 2010

Well that one was easy. Our wedding day will easily be my favorite day for a very, very, very long time. Everything was perfect and I wish we could relive it over and over again. Owen still laughs at my random mentions of one day being a wedding planner, but who knows?
goodbye 2010!


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