03 January 2011

Hello 2011

Well so far my wishes for 2011 to be less exciting have not been granted, which is why I have not posted yet in this new year. On Saturday, we spent the day up at Owen's family's house celebrating not having anything to do which was totally fun, and then when we left to go home, guess who's car wouldn't work? Yes, it is your favorite car pity case of the century.

So we are going to try to take care of that AGAIN today--awesome. At least school doesn't start until tomorrow, right? Because there is nothing we would rather do than spend our day off at the mechanic's. Actually, I'm working today, and thank goodness, because we are probably going to have to waste a ton of money again on this silly vehicle.

I haven't made my New Year's Resolutions yet, and unlike everyone who thinks it's cool to be different and not bother making goals, I am a firm believer in New Year's Resolutions. People complain about all the pressure they feel when making resolutions, and say "Why bother making them if I'm not going to keep them 100%?" To those people I say, well of course you aren't going to be completely successful with your New Years Resolutions. If that were the case, then everybody would be absolutely perfect and we would never have to change. Being perfect isn't the point--the point is to get in the habit of making goals and always striving to be better. No I didn't keep all of my 2010 resolutions, but I like to think that thanks to some of the goals I made, I am a little better this year.

So, that is the task for this evening. Plus we bought a super cute chalkboard from Ikea this weekend (yeah, before we realized we would have to be spending more money on this vehicle) so we can write our goals on there to see everyday.
Yeah, I constructed it myself. 

But, there is a silver lining! We found out yesterday that our not-so-amiable neighbors upstairs will no longer be living there! I know it is really terrible to be glad that they are getting kicked out, but we're pretty sure that the girl is getting some much-needed assistance, so that's good. We're thinking about potentially moving into the upstairs apartment, but I want to check it out first. It would be so nice to have more light, and if they have a dishwasher....it will be very very tempting.



  1. I know---THANK YOU SO MUCH! Hopefully it will be fixed soon...we appreciate your help so much!!!