04 January 2011

First Day

Yay! Fist day of classes! And like the little nerd I am, I totally couldn't sleep last night. Which was sort of bad news because I had my first class at 7 am today and we didn't have the car which meant a very early morning...Man I love the first day of classes. A fresh start and all you have to do is sit through professors explaining their syllabus all day long. Perfect.

So far all my classes have been pretty awesome. I started out the morning with the gamelan class, which was even better than I was expecting. The instruments are so fun to play, and we started learning our first piece today. I actually did alright learning it quickly too! I cannot wait until our first performance in March! You all better come!

Then I had tissue biology, and then evolutionary biology, and now I am sitting in physiology! Don't my classes sound awesome? Then my last class of the day is going to be University Chorale-- definitely a long day. But it is going to be great! I hope!

Still no word on our car yet- supposedly the electric guy is going into surgery today or something. Just our luck. So Owen took the bus to work; he is such a good sport.

Well, got to get back to physiology! I can't believe that I only have three semesters left and I am finally taking the class that my whole major is supposedly. So far, no homework! Oh yeah!s


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