06 January 2011

Ophelia Syndrome

I apologize again for the lack of formatting in this post and lack of pretty images-we still don't have internet at home (I promise I am calling today!) so I'm writing this on the ipad again. But I just wanted to write a quick little bit about something I read for my evolution class. Evolution is often a sensitive subject for latter-day saints, and in our first class, we discussed thinking for ourselves. Our teacher had us read this article that really struck me. I tried uploading it to google Docs, so hopefully you can just copy this link into a new page on your browser to read it:


I realized that during most of my life and sadly during the majority of my college career, I have fallen into the easy path of Ophelia. For some reason, I thought that once I got into college, I would care a little less about grades and more about learning, but then I decided that I wanted to go to pharmacy school and that I would need at least at 3.5 and that BYU is super competitive and hard. So I went back to the jumping through hoops and picking the easiest teacher route. And so far I've done a pretty good job at learning things how my teachers see them. But I haven't really spent much time trying to think for myself about why things are the way they are, and if I really believe what I am learning. I usually just believe what my professors are saying and don't try to validate facts on my own.

I hope that by this point in my education, I have enough background knowledge to make some conclusions. So that is my goal for this winter semester: to try to take some time to learn for myself, and to not be quite so much an Ophelia.


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  1. Very interesting article. It is nice when you know how to "jump through the hoops" so you can spend more time thinking and enjoying.