09 January 2011

New Year, New Attitude

So I admit that this was more than two months ago, but our home teacher challenged us to come up with a unique way to show our gratitude. And I've been thinking and thinking about a way I could do this (that admittedly, wasn't too hard...) and then I came across a new blog that gave me a great idea! Sydney from The Daybook writes something she is grateful for every day at the end of her post. While I don't always post every single day, I think this is a wonderful idea that I am going to try to implement for 2011. That way I can finally tell my home teacher that I've completed his challenge! Yay! Even though it was most definitely Thanksgiving time when he first brought it up....

Also, good news! For Owen's "Computers in Society" class, he has to keep a regular blog! Yes! He said that he can't post to our blog because the teacher is going to be grading it and he has to write about "boring computer things," but I will definitely make him repost any fun and interesting posts here for you all to read!

Today, I am thankful for shiny black heels and pink lipstick and all of the other little things that can instantly make you feel fabulous.

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