30 December 2010

day 30- your favorite song

Okay, I admit that when I saw this prompt for the last day of this blogging challenge, I almost gave up right then. I mean, what a lame prompt for the last day? Favorite song? Boring. Also, a super hard question to answer. No one has ONE favorite song. That's impossible. You might have one favorite Jack Johnson song, or one favorite Christmas song, but one favorite song to rule all others? No way. I will say that one song that I like is the song that Owen and I danced to at our wedding. "Two is Better than One" by Taylor Swift and Boys Like Girls--I like it because I think it is a good representation of Owen and I. I'm the girly one and then Owen is the one who likes a little more punk rock than me and we definitely are better together.

totally the scariest part of the whole wedding day! 


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