23 December 2010

day 22- what makes you different from everyone else

Well first off, what makes this post different than any other post is that I'm typing it on our iPad because my family is sleeping in our living room and I don't want to go grab m computer at this point. Yay! My family is here!

Anyway, i think there are lots of things that make me different...definitely too many for me to try to type here on this little device (I apologize for any typos...) As a child, I raced in soapbox derby races which is pretty unique I suppose. Ever seen the movie Miracle in Lane Two? Yeah, those were the kind of cars I raced. My grandpa built the cars and we raced them. I even went to nationals once and got tenth place!

Another thing that sets me apart is that I have a super awesome husband who no one else is married to. Oh yeah.

One last thing is that the only thing I am allergic to is hair dye. Yeah we found that out the hard way when my mom and I were trying to do DIY highlights in my hair...interesting.

The bad news is that on the iPad, I can't upload any photos, so you will just have to wait to see our awesome cake pops tomorrow!


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