22 December 2010

day 21- a picture of something that makes you happy

Okay I'm cheating on this one, because right now, there are lots of things that make me happy!

1. Cake Pops

I have now realized why everyone is so obsessed with Bakerella's website! The woman is a genius and is super talented. She has inspired me to give these not-so-challenging a treats a try, though I will never be able to make mine as beautiful as hers. I mean, just look at this Mr. Potato Head cake pops.

photo cred
2. Disney-Inspired Fashion

That's right. There is someone else out there in the world who shares these two loves of mine.

photo cred

They have a whole series of Disney-inspired fashion on CollegeFashion.net, and I'm obsessed with it. They have done practically every Disney heroine, and then they even went and wrote a series of posts on Disney villain inspirations. I love it.

3. Temple Square + Hancock Family

This past weekend, we had the great opportunity to NOT WORRY about school and instead spend time with Owen's family! It was so fun to bake and go up to Temple Square with them. And now I super can't wait for my family to get here too.

4. Half-Birthdays

Yesterday was mine. And it was awesome.

okay we didn't actually make a cake...i stole the picture from here :)


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